1. The whole transport refrigeration unit is lightweight and compacted while condenser front-mounted and monoblock system based on your need.
2. This model series perfectly covers frozen volume ranges from 12M³ to 14M³ and accurately matches to its own frozen volume from every square meters.
3. Low cost, low maintenance, and low noise in operation will be witnessed in every model of Corunclima.
Model No. Freezer
Driven Engine driven
Temperature -20℃
Voltage 12V/24V
Cooling Capacity 2610W (-20℃)
Refrigerant Gas R404A
Condenser Size (MM) 1348*505*502
Evaporator Size (MM) 1255*585*190
Compressor UPF170
Controller Digital / in Cabin
Defroster Included /Hot Gas

Installation Kits (Hose, Drain Hose, wiring, Clamps etc included)

Ambient Temperature=48℃ 



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